Architectural and Structural Designing

Our aim is to deliver innovative and sustainable design solutions for a wide range of developments through our multidisciplinary expertise in town and master planning, urban design, architecture, engineering and interior design. Our focus is designing built environments that enrich and transform people’s lives.

Our deep bench of expertise in complex structures ensures the safety and reliability of our built environments, and provides the backbone and strength for quality designs. Using the latest advances in technology, we provide engineering services for steel, concrete, masonry, and timber structures that exceed our clients’ needs for serviceability, functionality and form. Our integrated approach to engineering means our structural engineers work side-by-side with other engineering disciplines to provide a well-coordinated design within the shortest possible timeline.

We provide you the expertise needed to complete the civil design phase of your project. We follow local design guidelines and work with permitting agencies. Our services include site layout and conformance to setbacks and floor-to-area (FAR) requirements, grading and erosion controls, stormwater management, wetland mitigation, utilities, water/wastewater systems, solid waste disposal, lighting, and roads and parking. We also provide construction management services.